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1  GOULD, Garrett (I135)
2  HAWES, Captain Benjamin (I568)

Blackburn, Charlotte
Of 14, Queen Square, Bath widow died 26 February 1919 Administration (with Will) London 12 November to the reverend John Henry Bidlake Wollocombe clerk and John Phelps Goodden barrister at law.
Effects £30,901 6s 10d

BROOKING, Charlotte (I369)
1890 16 June
ROOPE, Frances Anna
Administration of the Personal Estate of Frances Anna Roope late of Lyndon House, Surbiton in the County of Surrey Spinster who died February 1890 at San remo Italy was granted at the Principal Registry to Gerard Roope of the Island of Barbados the Brother and one of the Next of Kin.
Estate £2,910 13s 3d
ROOPE, Frances Anna (I318)
Dockery, George Victor
Of Nakuru Kenya Colony who died 11 August 19241. Probate London 28 July to Prescott Rawes Esquire.
Effects £500
DOCKERY, George Victor (I329)
Dockery, Roderick Roope
Of 6, Beacon Terrace, Torquay and of Oporto, Portugal died 13 November 1912 at 6, Beacon terrace Administration with will London 17 July to Prescott Rawes esquire.
Effects £1,869 17s 2d in England.
DOCKERY, Roderick Roope (I328)
Dockery, Susanna
Of Lavadores, Villa Nova de Gaia, Portugal (wife of Alfred Victor Dockery) died 20 September 1927 at Oporto, Portugal; Probate London 9 October to susanna May Rawes (wife of Prescott Rawes).
Effects £1,770 19s 10d.
ROOPE, Susanna (I285)
At 11, Carlton Place, Glasgow on 30th March 1853 by Rev E.D.H. Knox rector of Kilfyn, George Roope Esq of Dartmouth Devon to Elizabeth only daughter of the late Capt David Vane Machen of 8th Regiment of Foot. 
Family F167
Edith Mary & Mary Evelyn had initially been living (together with their 2 brothers & sister) with their Aunt & Uncle Cdiehristina & John Brooking in Brixton Devon. However John Brooking died in 1864 & Christina would have found herself with 9 young childen to care for. Therefore it seems probable thet they were adopted by their uncle and aunt William Garret & Maria Emelia Roope and went to live with them in Boulogne.
The Consular Register of Deaths is from the period 1866-1870 so there is no way of checking the exact date (short of physically looking through them & as I live in France this is not possible). However, they are listed in the same volume as the death of their uncle William Garret who died on 7 December 1866. So one could deduce that they died about the same time. Infection of some kind? 
WALSH, Edith Mary (I102)
10 William Roope was sentenced on 20 Oct. 1834 to 7 years, in the Plymouth Devon Quarter Session. (If he’s our William Roope, he would then have been about 20 years old.) His convict ship left London for Van Diemen’s Land on 21 April 1835. ROOPE, William (I168)
11 27 Oct. 1854, Exeter Police Charge Book Records, John McCarthy, singer from Bristol, is charged with attempting to pick the pockets of Miss Marienne [sic] Roope [do you have Marianne or Marienne?] and Miss Anne Roope [daughters of JLR], 14 Eaton Place, while in the shop of Mr. Burnett, confectioner, High Street, and is sentenced to 1 month hard labour as a rogue and vagabond. ROOPE, Anna (I166)
12 27 Oct. 1854, Exeter Police Charge Book Records, John McCarthy, singer from Bristol, is charged with attempting to pick the pockets of Miss Marienne [sic] Roope [do you have Marianne or Marienne?] and Miss Anne Roope [daughters of JLR], 14 Eaton Place, while in the shop of Mr. Burnett, confectioner, High Street, and is sentenced to 1 month hard labour as a rogue and vagabond. ROOPE, Marienne Elizabeth (I173)
13 Own Account: Worker Rope, Sydney John. (I181)
14 Shared house with her sister Anne. ROOPE, Marienne Elizabeth (I173)
15 " Frances Slack's claim to Royal descent. That Charles I had an illegitimate son by a French Lady that he took with him from the Siege of Bristol. The child was called Charles Peloquin obtained a good estate in Co.Cork & married Charity Fuller. Charles Peloquin died aged 84 leaving Robert Peloquin his eldest son born in Cork 1714. Robert peloquin went to Lisbon aged 17 (1731) settled there & married 1738 Angela Falche of Bologna Italy. He valued himself much for his Royal ancestry 1 received marked attention from the Portuguese Royal Court. He died at his Quinta of Compolida in Dec 1785 leaving 3 daughters: Angela, Frances married Martin Slack of Great Haughton nr. Beverley in Yorkshire, Anne the youngest married Christopher Daniel Peters of Quebee(?) Germany" SLACK, Frances (I136)
16 1865
Brooking, John
Letters of Administration (with Will annexed) of the Personal estate and effects of John Brooking late of Dartmouth and of Nethway House in the parish of Brixham both of the County of Devon Solicitor who died 31 December 1864 at Nethway House aforesaid were granted at Exeter to Christina Tyndale Brooking of Nethway House aforesaid Widow the Relict the Universal Legatee named in the said Will she having been first sworn.
Effects under £2,000.
Family F36
17 1870
Brooking, Charlotte
The Will of Charlotte Brooking late of Dartmouth in the County of devon Widow deceased whod died 6 December 1870 at Dartmouth aforesaid was proved at Exeter by the oath of Roope Brooking of Kingswear in the County aforesaid Esquire the Son one of the Executors.
Effects under £1,500.

ROOPE, Charlotte (I158)
18 1870
Roope, Maria Emilia
Letters of Administration of the Personal estate and effects of Maria Emilia Roope formerly of Sussex Place, Regents Park in the County of Middlesex afterwards of Boulogne-sur-Mer in France late of 58 Via d’Ara Coeli in the City of Rome Widow deceased who died 14 February 1870 at 58 Via d’Ara Coeli aforesaid were granted at the Principal Registry To William Edmond Roope of 8 Gloucester Place, Portman Square in the County aforesaid Esquire the Son and only next of Kin of the said Deceased he having been first sworn.
Effects under £16,000.
GORMAN, Maria Emilia (I97)
19 1882
Miss Bertha Roope
Came to New Hall April 25th 1882. She has made her 1st Confession, is 8 years all but a few days old. She is to learn Music and Drawing. She made her 1st Communion Dec 8th 1884 . Left New Hall on account of swelling on the neck June 8th 1885. Returned Sept 1885 was confirmed June 29th 1886
She left school July 1891.
Cash paid by M. Roope M.B. Roope £31.3s.6d July 1889
Sister Mary Xavier Roope . Expenses £39.14.11, Board ½ year £20.
Mr C. Roope Balnce of Investments for £80 15s.6d for above May 1897.
Profession expenses £48.3s.9d plus ½ years board £20 June 1897.
Received for Benefactions from 1st April 1897 S. Mary Xavier Roope’s portion £1,000 (dowry) & her gift £2,000 (note in pencil “all returned later”)
Clothed 1896, Professed May 1897.
“6th May 1897 Profession of Sister Mary Xavier (Roope) Matins, Lauds, Prime as usual. First Communion, High Mass & ceremony 8 ½ . Fr. Proctor O.P. said the F. Mass. Fr, Hury sang High Mass. F. Fitzp. Was deacon, F. Powell (a cousin of S.M.X.) subdeacon. Fr. Proctor preached Ecce Panis at the Offertory. At Ben.: SMJ Regina. Smiths O Salutaris”
Paid out, between 1st April 1899-1st April 1900, to Sister Mary Xavier £90.12.4d (left the order?)Paid out, between 1st April 1900-1st April 1901, to Bertha Roope £89.9.0. Paid out, between 1st April 1901-1st April 1902, to Bertha Roope £44.7.0
ROOPE, Bertha Alicia Mary (I111)
20 1886

ROOPE, Alfred
Administration of the Personal Estate of Alfred Roope late of Strand, Townsville Queensland in Australia Esq, a bachelor who died &é August 1885 at Strand was granted at the Principal Registry to Cabel Roope of Heathfield, Oakdale Road, Streatham in the County of Surrey, Esq, the brother.
Estate under £100
ROOPE, Alfred (I304)
21 1905
ROOPE, William Edmund D.D. Catholic Priest
Of "Under Rock", Bonchurch, Isle of Wight clerk died 23 November 1904. Probate London 1 February 1905 to Cecily Guy and Ruth Blaza spinsters. Effects £48,723 16s 8d.
ROOPE, William Edmond (I98)
22 1907
Brooking, Roope
Of Weston-super-Mare died 22nd November 1906 Probate London 4 January to Arthur Frank Tracey Brooking esquire and Robert Walter Prideaux solicitor.
Effects £14,867 6s 11d Resworn £16,490 17s 11d

BROOKING, Roope (I368)
23 1913
Cameron, Laura Susanna
Of Christchurch in the Island of Barbadoes in the West Indies (wife of Alistair Cameron) died 24 October 1912 at Paignton Devonshire. Probate London 26 February to Gerard Roope and George Mac Calman Esquire.
Effects £2,040.
ROOPE, Laura Susanna (I316)
24 1916
Gould, Gerard Louis Eugène
Of 19 Vale Avenue, Chelsea Middlesex died 5 June 1916. Probate London 1 September to Axel William Berg Lieutenant HM Army and the Honourable Harold George Nicolson.
Effects £34,754 12s 3d
GOULD, Gerard Louis Eugène (I212)
25 1930
Im Thurn, Conrad Donald
Of 38, Eaton Terrace, Middlesex died 15 March 1930 Administration London 21st August to Ysabel Anita Im Thurn widow. Effects £262 11s 8d

Family F118
26 1933
HAWES, Christina Matilda,
Of 49, Hyde Park Mansions, Marylebone, Middlesex widow died 20 March 1933 at Queens Road, Bayswater, Middlesex. Probate London 28 April to Dorothy Mary Brunel Hawes & Geraldine Mary Brunel Hawes spinsters.
Effects £9,159 8s 6d
BROOKING, Christina Matilda (I119)
27 1934
Brooking, Arthur Frank Tracey
Of 7 Beach Road, Paignton, Devonshire died 1 July 1934. Probate London 7 August to Helen Gladys Gordon spinster.
Effects £6,046 16s 9d
BROOKING, Arthur Frank Tracey (I412)
28 1938
Walsh, Edward Charles of the Chantry near Frome Somersetshire died 18 January 1938. Probate London 17 March to Julia Elizabeth Walsh widow. Effects £14,702. 1s. 2d. Resworn £14,190. 9s. 3d
WALSH, Edward Charles (I104)
29 1st Class Honours BARTLETT, Knighted Sir Ellis Ashmead (I472)
30 1st Class Honours BARTLETT, Knighted Sir Ellis Ashmead (I472)
31 2 Dec 1913 Gave away his sister at her wedding to Basil Gotto BARTLETT, Ellis Ashmead (I474)
32 25th April 1912 Sailed from Liverpool on the Lake Champlain destination port Montreal. Occupation given as farmer. ROOPE, Charles Francis (I88)
33 A judge. Managed the quinta at Eira Velha for his wife's nephew FrederickCabel Roope (c.1918). DAGGE, Arthur Meade (I308)
34 A minor - living 1643. ROOPE, Dorothy (I244)
35 A minor- living 1643. ROOPE, Ambrose (I239)
36 A minor-living 1643. ROOPE, Frances (I243)
37 A tea planter in Ceylon ROOPE, John Cabel (I315)
38 Also died young. BROOKING, Ethel Roope (I121)
39 Also spelt Coke Cook, Henry (I39)
40 Also spelt Roope in Parish Register Rope, Robert (I14)
41 Angelina was the third child of Garratt Gould and Frances Slack. Frances,their 4th. Child married William Newman Roope, grandfather of Edith. Theearliest account book at New Hall records, "Miss Gould came here upon ye31st. of July 1800. She left us ye 7th. Sepbr 1806. Pd. all." An earlyregister says, "Miss Gould- Arrived the 30th. July 1800. She takes allthe Common Lessons. She learns Music & Dancing. Has not made her firstComn. nor has not been Confirmed. Has had the small pox, Meazles. Shewill be 8 years old in Decbr. She was confirmed Augst ye 15th. 1805. Sheleft us Sepbr ye 7th. 1806."

From a booklet at Woodlands, Waterford, Ireland (home of the late MaryGallwey (nee Fuller) entitled " Mary Magdalen Gould" Angelina came toIreland in 1826 to become a nun. She later founded the Presentationorder. She was very wealthy in her own right. 
GOULD, Angelina (I138)
42 Arthur was a partner in the Oporto firm of Hunt Roope & Co., and was also Treasurer of the Oporto Factory House in 1832. HUNT, Rev Arthur (I270)
43 £1222 19s 7d To Amy Julia Rope. Rope, Charles (I153)
44 £1250. 17s. 4d to Hilda Amy Blomfield Cook, Amy Julia (I243)
45 Baptised by Richard Pennell ROOPE, Richard (I180)
46 Baptism of Sarah Ann Roope Rope, Robert (I14)
47 Barrister. FOLLETT, Frederick Tucker (I313)
48 Became a Carmelite Nun ROOPE, Matilda Mary Catherine (I89)
49 Became Carmelite nun. Reverend Mother at Chichester Convent.
Entered the Carmelite Order: 29th October 1906.
Clothed: 30th April 1907
Professed: 19th May 1908
Prioress: April 1930 - June 1960

Took the name of Sister Teresa Augustine of Mm, of Compiegne1897.

Miss Matilda (Dorothy) Roope
Came 5th 1895. Is 13 years of age. Has made 1st Confession &Communion and been confirmed. Is to learn dancing & music & drawing frommistress. Left New Hall Jan'ry 21 st 1897 
ROOPE, Matilda Mary Catherine (I89)
50 Belonged to the parish St Mary Coslany. Rope, Martha (I35)

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